Sunday, June 25, 2006

And I helped...

Rog has a  4-wheeler trailer that he decided was in need of repair, so he went and got new boards for the floor of it and some new tires.  The kiddos helped him take the tires off and roll them up. Ry went with him to get the new tires, and both helped him roll them back.  The kiddos also helped him take all the old boards off of the trailer.  Then we had other things to do.

We went to a family reunion - my dad's mom side- my family is huge, I have many still living great aunts and uncles. Anyways, I got to see some long lost relatives that I only see during this time of year (and Christmas!) We had fun, the weather was nice for the most part.  After the reunion, we left that area of the park and went to the FUN PARK part.  Bought the kiddos bracelets (my 2 and 2 of my cousins kiddos) and turned them loose. They had fun we got to ride a couple rides with them since they are so short!!  After that, we lost the kiddos to Gramma - she has a pool, so we took them over to her house then home to fix dinner. 

After dinner Rog went out to work on his trailer, so I decided to join him.  I sat and watched for a while, then he asked did I want to help.  My dad builds cabinets and cutom furniture and I have never once used a saw!  Rog taught me how, not that it was hard, but never having used one, I wasn't sure what to expect.  He was down to the last 2 boards when he showed me how, and told me the last 2 were mine.  I cut them (he measured them, since I wasn't sure what he was thinking) and he did help a bit, but for the most part, I put the last 2 boards on the trailer!!  Simple, yet exciting!  Not to mention, us working together was fun. 

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