Sunday, April 23, 2006

Raw Meat.....bleah....

I am not a big meat fan....I mean, I love to eat it, as long as you cook it and bring it to me.... 

I have gotten over my issue with beef and pork, and I can (and love to) cook them any way that is requested by my family. BUT , now that is another story    !  And that is really how I feel. 

OK, so here is why I am on the topic....chicken is my fave!!  I would go beefless if my hubby would love chicken as much as me.  Well, tonight is my night for family dinner (my parents, my sis and I alternate) and I have been reading this blog
ClassicalEducation4Me and found the recipe she had posted for Sticky Chicken!  Sounds yummy, so I thought I might give it a try!! 

I had trouble finding a chicken -- my mil had to pick me up one at the base grocery store. So, I go in there to start fixing this thing and I am ok handling the whole chicken, but when I have to birth the guts...that is when I lose it.  I did get the neck bone out, but in the process...other things fell out - and went down the drain!  So, I try to call my mil to see what exactly it was (like make sure there were no bones in it so I could just turn the disosal on -- I know - you can cook the guts and eat them - my hubby does -- but, he is at the station tonight and so they guts went down the drain.  I ended up calling my grandpa to see what exactly it was that went down the drain and make sure that I didn't have to stick my hand down there (BIG FEAR OF MINE-- I DO NOT STICK MY HAND DOWN THE DRAIN!!) and get what ever dissappeared -- cuz you know that wasn't happening.  Well, after granpa laughed, he told me as long as I had the neck bone out, then the rest of what was in there should be ok to grind in the disposal! 

The chicken is cooking, so we will see how it turns out!   I will let you know tomorrow!!!


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