Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mean Momma today

My kiddos think I am being a horribly mean mother today.  I guess we all get that from time to time (at least no one has told me they hated me yet - but, they are only six -- I am sure my day will come).
 Mean thing number one - my hubby took the van (NEW van -only had it since Feb) to work with him on Sunday so he could clean it real good inside and out.  Well, in the process of cleaning, he found a lovely blue picture drawn on the arm rest/cup holder area of my daughter's side.  In crayon! He was not happy at all, and called her and told her she was responsible for cleaning it when he got home. Well, as we all know - nothing really takes crayon off of anything- so I told her that if I had a Magic Eraser, that it may work.  Well, no Magic Erasers here, so when we leave to go to get groceries this morning, I make her take her money so she can buy something to clean out the car.  She was upset with me because it was her money and she didn't want a Magic Eraser!!  Sorry bout that!! 
We have no idea when/where the drawing came from.  It was on her side and she admitted to doing it, but the only time I can remember that she had a crayon in the car was when we went to dinner a couple of weeks ago and Gramma was in the back seat with her - between the two of them, so surely she didn't do it then.  Rog specifically told them to get the crayons out so they wouldn't melt in the car. 
Mean mommy number two - they are still working on Thank You notes from their birthday (yes, I know we are off track, but the point is - we are doing them!!) Ry was being a typical boy and not doing what he was supposed to do, well, as lunch time approached and Sis was finished with what I had asked her to do, so I fixed lunch. Well, Ry got extremely sloppy - I am not to picky about things right now - I know they are still learning, but this was totally unacceptable, so I made him start over.  He had written 2 lines and I took it from him.  I gave him a fresh paper and told him to re-do the first line and he could have lunch.  He did get it done after about 20 minutes of crying and me not backing down, he finally gave in. Took him all of 5 minutes!!!
That is my mean momma story for the day -- anyone have one they would like to add?  Feel free!!!

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