Sunday, March 26, 2006

A new schedule/routine for our house

In the processes of preparing for next school year, I am trying to get us on more of a routine.  We have had a really laid back Kindergarten year, but I am wanting 1st grade to be more routine/scheduled.  Nothing rigid mind you, I just want to be able to see what we accomplish in a days or weeks time.  I have started with a chore routine/schedule.  I have 2 lists of chores- list A, and list B.(They are not really called list A and B here, but it makes more sense when writing.) List A is strictly kitchen.  Divided into Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. List B is 'the rest of the stuff'.  They have alternate days - Ry is on list A on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday, list B Monday, Thursday and Sunday.  Sam is on List A Monday, Thursday, and Sunday and list B Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday.  Wednesday is errand day, library day and church/AWANA and since we are not really here and pretty busy, everyone helps that day.  Now, these sound like long lists, but they are in detail for the kiddos and Rog and I help where needed.  They love to rinse the dishes and load hem in the dishwasher.

Here is LIST A
Unload dishwasher
Help prepare breakfast
Set table/clear and clean table
Help clean up breakfast mess
Reload dishwasher

Choose lunch for both of them (breakfast is individual choice)
Help prepare lunch
Set table/clear and clean table
Help clean up lunch mess
Load dishwasher


Help prepare dinner
Set/clear and clean table
Load and start dishwasher
Wipe down cabinets
Take all towels/rags/napkins to laundry
Vacuum dining area if needed

OK, Here is LIST B
Take laundry to laundry room
Sort laundry
Feed pets
Water pets

Trash out
Help delivery laundry to right room
Get mail

Bath while other is doing kitchen chores, then shower first
Quick check on the house to make sure all is put away
Clean up in bathroom after both have finished shower
Chooses extra story at bedtime (they both pick 1 each)

List A and B are in addition to a chore list that they both do.
Make bed
Room picked up
Jammies away
Brush hair and teeth

Den picked up (before lunch)
School room picked up (before lunch)
Clean clothes put away (after lunch)
Quiet time (after lunch until 3pm)

Dirty clothes in basket
Quick run through of house

Stay tuned -- I am going to lay out how our day flows next...

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