Monday, January 30, 2006

Time for an update

Well, let's see.... What has been going on???  We have had a really hard time getting back into routine after the Holidays....I blame it on the fact that I was prepared with lessons through Christmas and that the end of the year snuck up on me and left me unprepared.....we have just kinda been winging it.  I have truly been experiencing Child-Led Studies.  We have covered horses, dinosaurs, race cars, airplanes, and are currently learning and reading about Disney World..because my in-laws have suprised us with a trip to Florida.  They are taking Sis and Ry only (we had already made anniversary plans, so we will not be going to Disney). 

We have been fighting a bit of sickness around here as well.  Sis has had quite a cough, but I think we have all under control....the weather here has been crazy!!! 

Ry has lost both of his bottom front teeth, one in November, and one last week....after we get back from our anniversary cruise, every spare penny will be going to a braces fund for him...those 2 teeth are coming in sooo crooked!!

I have started a new MSN group with a friend of mine...The Kitchen is a recipe storage/exchange place...very small for now, but any of you are welcome to stop in and post your favorites!!  You can visit us here !

Ok, that looks to be about it... once again... I am telling myself that I am really going to keep up with this!!!!  Starting now!!

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