Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finished with Digital 101

Last night was my final Digital Basics class at Bedford Photography.  I really enjoyed the class, lessons, assignments and the teacher!  I think I am going to save my pennies and take the second level course - or several others that they offer!!  I learned tons and I am excited to get out and take some pictures and play around with my camera and the settings.  In addition to my candle muffin photo I submitted - here are a couple others I turned in - 

He gave some constructive critisim on our work and I knew before I ever turn it in, that I could have eliminated the crap in the background on the photo of Hydrent -that's not even the shot I was going for, he just happened to be there & I snapped this one.  I was trying to get the fire in the fireplace!  

 I was excited that he told me the photo of the roses was a very good photo and he couldn't find anything to say about it, except it was a very good pic - good color, background, nice flow with the s curve.  (This one was one that I was just trying to find one more thing to take a photo of and these were at the florist in a plastic bucket and I liked the color, so I snapped it!

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