Friday, March 7, 2014

Time for a new ride...

My poor van had been through so much - many little kiddos, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts- many miles traveled on trips - many spilled meals and drinks in the back. It was just time go.  I hate - cannot express how much I hate - car shopping!  Thankfully, hubby is great and he does most of it and narrows things down to a couple of choices for me.

This time, I knew what I needed to have - enough seats to transport kiddos - space for travel necessities - good gas mileage - easy for the kiddos to learn to drive in (what !?!?!). We had narrowed it down to a Chevy Traverse and a Dodge Durango. We looked at a Durango first- I was on the fence about it, Rog drove it around for a bit and I just got behind the seat to drive it up the hill. I was pretty convinced that the Traverse was going to be 'the one'.  We took the kiddos to their field trip- other moms there drive a Traverse - I was actually almost excited to go test drive it. When we got there, it just didn't jump out at me like I thought it would. I drove it - it was ok - wasn't crazy about the space - or lack of it. When the salesman asked Roger what was he thinking, his reply was not to ask him, that it was all me.  My reply - I was thinking I needed to go back and drive the Durango. 

We got back to the Dodge lot and when I got back in the drivers seat- I knew that one was the one. So, they gave us a nice chunk for the van - I was almost sad when we cleaned it out...however, after driving the Durango - I think I'm over it!

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