Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Iced in for the weekend!

Well, winter got off to a great start here in Arkansas  & it's not even winter!! 

Weathermen started calling for stuff early in the week and the models were projecting some nasty stuff!!  To all of our surprise, Thursday afternoon, the local schools had already made the decision to close on Friday... totally unheard of - nothing was even falling... it was just cold!! 

Roger had to work Friday morning & I was nervous all night because I didn't want him driving in to work in the nasty stuff.  Turns out, there was still nothing falling when Roger left.  By 9 am, the ice started coming down... and it iced ALL DAY LONG!!!  Freezing rain, sleet, ice, rain in the cold.  It was NASTY!!  Lucky for me, I had gotten groceries and we had firewood and I curled up in my chair and spent the weekend.  It stayed cold all weekend, so nothing melted and by Sunday night, there was more falling.  School was out on Monday as well - or at least public school was!! 

If that's how Fall is going to end, I am almost scared to see what the real winter holds!

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