Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Archery Tag

One of the other neat new things that we were able to do while in Branson - Archery Tag!  Don't get too excited and run off to Branson, it is at Big Cedar and available only for their guests.  However, the kiddos had a BLAST!  (I think the adults enjoyed it just as much!!)

Archery Tag took place at the stable on the field that was once part of the horse field.  I didn't think there were as many horses there this year as have been in the past, so maybe they are trying to put the field to use?  

The field was set up like the local paintball arenas are around here... with plenty of places to duck and hide behind.

The tips of the arrows were huge, marshmallow looking padded tips, so everyone had to take a few practice shots, to know how it felt before they got on the field.

They played a capture the flag type game, in teams of three.

You could either shoot at - and hit- with the arrow, or if you were close enough, and your arrow was knocked, you could just tag them with the arrow.

See the marshmallow tip on the end of the arrow?

Like I said, everyone completely enjoyed it!  I am sure that it will be part of the trip from now on, well, as long as Big Cedar offers it!

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