Thursday, September 26, 2013

Petit Jean Mountain

Roger's cousin, Zac, has been staying with us. Over here visiting from Tennessee before he leaves for basic in November.  We were supposed to head towards east TN to take him home today, but there was a change of plans, so we went the other direction!
We packed a picnic lunch and headed to Petit Jean Mountain.  First stop was the gravesite overlook. From this point on the east end of the mountain, you get to overlook the Arkansas River Valley.

She was cleaning out photos from her phone to make room to take pictures!

Zac was pretty far out there (and up!).  

After the trip to the gravesite (and searching for the geocache that was hidden there), we headed to the visitor's center.  Kiddos roamed around in there for a few, then it was time for some lunch.  

After lunch, we headed to the Cedar Falls Overlook (and found the cache hidden there).  Even though the falls were barely trickling, the kiddos wanted to hike down there to it.  Me on the other hand, I sat in the visitor's center and worked on a jigsaw puzzle!

Kiddos thought it was a pretty cool hike and I am glad they were able to go down there.  They want to go back in the spring when there is more water down there and see it then!

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