Saturday, September 7, 2013

4th Annual CardBoard Boat Race

So, what are these angels and devils doing all over my page?  That was the theme of their boat that they voted on this year (worked out perfectly because I had plenty of red, white and black tape from the Titanic last year).  The girls all chose which they would be, and came up with their costumes on their own.  


The girls designed and made the boat all on their own.  The girls had to form their boat from scraps.
We brought our own cardboard again this year, but it wasn't our same box that we normally bring.  They made their plans at the house the other night, while we had a parent meeting of sorts.  When we got to the lake Saturday morning, they knew exactly what they wanted to do and we let them at it.  There were a couple of times that they came to us and we reminded them that it was their boat and they knew what they were doing!

Serious concentration... 

This is what my little devils were up to...

Beautiful area we were at... Girl Scout Camp Property

Their original plans were to put two girls in the boat, but as they were working on the boat, they decided they needed a third person in there to balance it out.

Apparently leaving them be and letting them work it out on their own pays off...

First place overall baby!!!  80 boats in the water!!

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