Thursday, July 4, 2013

Proud of my Girls!

The Girl Scouts of North Hills Service Unit were asked to be part of the Color Guard for Sherwood Fest on the 4th of July.  Three of the girls in my troop stepped up to help.  Samantha was one of those!  I was surprised that she wanted to participate in something that was in front of a crowd & where they were the center of attention.  She was pretty excited about it, but a little nervous also!  Funny thing, the MC went through all of the thank yous' and announcements and then introduced the gentleman who was to say the pledge - before they advanced the Color Guard!  He apologized to the Girl Scouts - everyone laughed about it - then he said he would buy double cookies when it was cookie time!!  Unfortunately for him - Roger went to school with him and so later when he was talking to Rog, I called him on it!  We will be visiting him come January for the double order!!  

After they presented the colors, we had a booth for the girls to work. The original plans were to help the kiddos that came through make pinwheels - but as the crowds started  pouring in, a couple of my momma's decided it would be best if we made them and let the kiddos decorate.  That turned out to be a GREAT idea!!  We went through supplies for about 200 pinwheels!  (sorry - we were busy at the booth and didn't take photos - plus the girls preferred to roam around and visit other booths - so mostly momma's worked it!)

Once dinner and craft booths were over, we all worked our way outside to find a seat for fireworks!  Great firework show & great evening with my best friend and her family!!(Samantha and her daughter are best friends also!)


  1. Well done to your girls. I loved supporting my girls in all their events. Hats off to you for being such a part of their world.

  2. You are doing a great thing! I was never a troop leader, but I sure put up a lot of tents; baked (and sold) a lot of cookies; & a lot of other fun stuff when my girls were young and in Girl Scouts.

    Thank you for sharing!


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