Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never say never...

I have always had long hair. I have always loved having long hair.  Samantha and I have gotten ours cut together at different times and donated to Locks of Love and to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Last time I donated, I gave 18 inches - which made my hair pretty short.  I didn't like it that short- at all - so I said I would never cut and donate again.  

Well, you know what they say about never saying never.  A couple of months ago, a dear family friend's 3 year old was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  She has been going through chemo and radiation and has lost almost all of her hair.  Now, she is 3 and I truly don't know that she even realizes that she has lost her hair, and from what I understand, she has not mentioned a wig - but, knowing that there is nothing really I could do for her - I opted to cut my hair.  

I had 12 inches cut off my hair.  I plan to contact a couple of places and see if I can donate in her name, or in honor of her.  I know that my actual hair will not be used for her, but I want it donated in her honor.

This is for you Kaylee Grace ~ love you sweet girl!!

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