Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More time with the Boy Scouts...

Funny how just over a month ago I thought that our Boy Scout life was coming to an end... I have spent more time with Troop 542 this past month than I think we did all year long!!  Pretty proud to say that Troop 542 has survived the loss of their charter, the loss of several adult leaders and ,any boys - but have come back stronger!  

We have had meetings to find a new charter, meet the new charter reps, cleaned up the new church yard, cleaned up a downed tree in the yard, move our stuff from old church to storage, inventory stuff, committee meetings to place adults in spaces that needed to be filled and finally, we were able to meet and help clean up a community park for the 4th.  I didn't take many photos, because it was just a bunch of sweaty boys walking around with mowers and weedeaters... but I did think this was pretty sweet...

Samantha with Mr. Ed, ourScoutMaster.  He is all about the kiddos helping and was glad to have her climb up there and learn how to use the bushhog!

He is the perfect example of the family you choose.  Over the past couple of years, we have become good friends with their families... Mr. Ed is like the brother I never had... mean as can be to me but would be there in a heartbeat if I needed him!!

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