Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wrapping up the merit badge

So, last week the kiddos got to go up in a small plane.  That was an opportunity that was given to them by a friend after I asked him about helping with the Aviation Merit Badge.  Taking a flight is just a small portion of  the badge.  Mike,Certificated Pilot, spent a few days (5 + hours total), teaching the rest of the badge.  Here are a few various shots from the week.  (They are all mixed up because I had to snag them from a friends FB page!).

Sam sitting in the pilot's seat of a Leer Jet

A teaching piston engine.

Riley doing a pre-flight check off

Mike sharing the different types of engines

Learning the maps

Samantha checking out one of the meters

Checking out the planes

flying their wooden planes in the parking lot

really cool wooden propellers

Riley as a pilot?

Not sure what plane this was - I got there late...

Riley in the pilot seat of a Leer Jet

More pre-flight check

More plane tossing

Thank you PTC for allowing the scouts in.

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