Thursday, June 13, 2013

Older Girls ~ ready to plan the year!!

So, I think I may have mentioned before, I recently stepped up to the Older Girl Specialist with North Hills Service Unit - our local Girl Scout area.  I have been working with the leaders to get in contact with the older girls in the area.  I finally decided to host a pizza party for them.  There was a small turnout, in comparison with the amount of older girls, HOWEVER, there was a great response to my planning ideas!!  

We spent a couple of hours discussing the options of things for them to do... fun stuff, service project ideas, and even some career exploration.  My plans are to sort through all of their ideas, and get some fun things on the calendar for them!  I have made some contacts and talked to some people about helping out with the girls, but I need to wait until I get the dates for the Service Unit Calendar before I make any plans!!

Do you have any suggestions for things for Older Girls to do? What kind of things do the Girl Scouts in your area participate in?

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