Thursday, June 20, 2013

First day at the lake this year...

Roger had a day off and we loaded up - 3 kiddos and 2 dogs - and headed to the lake!  What were we thinking, right?

kiddos were pre-occupied on the way down

dogs seemed to share the space well

We got to the lake, loaded the boat up and headed out - Hershey (dark brown) has been on the boat before.  Hydrent (light brown) had not.  They both jumped on the boat and settled down for the ride out to the island.  When we got close to an island, we allow the kiddos to jump off and swim... Hydrent was dying to go in with them... I made him wait until the kiddos had their feet on the ground before I turned him loose.  Once they did, he was in the lake and off swimming!  I was super excited about how much Hydrent likes the lake and the water!  He ran up and down the shore snapping at the waves that were coming in!

Hershey swimming out to momma on the boat.. she swam back to shore.

Hydrent loves swimming around.

Both of them loved playing in the water!

Hydrent thought he was going to ride on the motor on the way home...

then decided he was tired...

and slept in the cubby of the boat all day long!

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