Monday, March 18, 2013

SchoolHouse Review: Classical Academic Press ~ The Art of Poetry

So, while I was stuck in bed ill, the kiddos told me a box came in.  I knew what it was, and I was excited about it, but I didn't even have the energy to check it out...  

When I was finally able to open it, I was excited to find The Art of Poetry by Classical Academic Press.  We were sent a student text, a teacher's guide and the first disc of the DVD (with Chapters 1-2).   This program is set up where they student can teach themselves.  Designed for students grade 7 and up, The Art of Poetry has 16 chapters and each chapter is broken down into several poems that help teach that lesson. The Art of Poetry Bundle (photo below) is available for $99.95, or individually Student's Guide for $24.95 and the teachers manual can be purchased for $24.95.  We were only send the first two chapters on the CD, but all of the chapters can also be purchased for $69.95.

Even though it is set up where the student can use it on their own, we decided to use it aloud, together.  I did have them read the beginning by them selves, and then we took each individual poem and I had them stand up and read it aloud.  I figured it was easy to read it to yourself, but reading it aloud to me allowed the discussion of the pauses in the poems and why we should follow the stanzas and the breaks in the lines.  It only took me having them repeat the first few a couple of times for them to realize to LOOK at it while they are reading it and follow the flow.  We took each poem and they answered the questions in their notebook and then we discussed their answers and I shared what the teacher's guide said .  We spent a couple of weeks working our way through lessons one, then it dawned on my that we had the DVD!!  We started lesson two with the DVD and both the kiddos agreed that they preferred doing this program without the DVD, and reading and discussing this among each other.  I was fine with their decision to not use the DVD and we have worked our way through almost all of lesson two.  

I'm not going to say the kiddos love it, but they don't fuss when we pull it out. They don't like to write, so by the fact that I am making them answer the questions in their notebooks, I think that is part of their reservations!  They have had a few laughs from reading the poems aloud.

Me personally, I like the program!  In fact, I am going to see about co-teaching the 7/12th grade at our co-op next spring.  It is a very simple program - laid out in an easy to use format.  I think it would work well in the classroom setting -if I can pull off the cost!  

As I said, we are most of the way through lesson two, and we will continue this program throughout the rest of the year.  

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  1. We found that our discussions were richer without the DVD, and my girls are continuing without it, too.


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