Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fayetteville and Scouting University

Roger picked us up from TeenPact and we hit the road... a little later than anticipated.  We knew it was going to be late getting into Fayetteville as it was, but that 30 minutes on a Friday afternoon at 4:30 made a difference!  We did stop halfway for some dinner, and then when we got into town for a few groceries, but we weren't too far off our target time!  

Once we got onto 540, it started snowing on us. You could barely see it, until the lights from another car hit at the right angle, then it was obvious it was really snowing!!

One of the favorite parts of going to Fayetteville- honking in the tunnel! Silly I know, but the kiddos start yelling HONK as soon as we get to this point!!  

We were bunking with some friends, they rented a 3 bedroom house that slept 10.  Plenty of room for 8, yes? (kinda)  It was up on the hill, overlooking part of College Avenue, down a ways from U of A.  It had a nice deck that overlooked the side of the hill, which I am sure would be awesome if it wasn't 25* outside!

Here is the view when we arrived Friday night:

And here is what it looked like when we woke Saturday (to almost an inch of snow!) 

We got news Friday night (about the time we arrived in town) that there was a conflict with Saturday, so Opening Ceremonies were going to be outside... BRRR!  Even though they started late, the process went much quicker this year than it had in the past, and the adults were able to leave the grounds by about 9am.  While we were waiting for time for ceremonies to start - this is what they did... The boys that we were with, are a little protective of Samantha and Riley & and treat them like big brothers should: 

Rile hung out most of the time we were waiting perched on Wade's shoulders.  Once they were called to their classes, Samantha and Wade were both in the gym, he grabbed her stuff and made sure she got to the correct place!  I was a little nervous about letting them go, but once I saw Wade with her, I knew that we were fine!

Samantha took a self-defense course and talked about it all evening Saturday evening and all day Sunday!  I guess she was a little excited about it?  Riley took Environmental Sciences, in hopes to have it complete for his Board of Reviews for Tuesday (not going to happen, since he has to do something for 7 days).  

Both had a great, exhausting weekend... they crashed on the way home Sunday afternoon:

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