Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crew Blog Hop ~ Schooling in the Kitchen

I don't really think that we do much actual schooling in the kitchen... but I am teaching my kiddos how to cook, so... I guess we actually do.  My kiddos are on an alternating chore schedule - one takes care  of the kitchen and the other is responsible for the rest of the house.  We have done this for a while and it works out wonderfully!

The kiddo in the kitchen and is responsible for helping with each of the meals.  Since they are older, most of the time they do breakfast on their own - but if Roger is home and we cook a big breakfast, they help with that. And they always do lunch on their own.  However, when it comes to dinner - they are responsible for helping.  Depending on what we are having, sometimes we stand back and give directions - sometimes we help them.  They are learning slowly and they are getting there.  Riley loves to cook and be in the kitchen - Samantha, not as much.

I searched for some photos - but I guess I don't have the camera out much when we are in there!  So, all in all, I guess we do more schooling in the kitchen than I thought!!

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