Sunday, January 13, 2013

PJ Cookie Party!

Remember how I said Council doesn't offer the Cookie Rally anymore?  They changed and added it back (kinda?) for this year to include the revealing of new cookie boxes and to discuss what a cookie can do.

Wasn't called a Cookie Rally though.  It wasn't really a fun/hangout/party to kick off cookies, it was an educational overnight event!  Council hosted a state-wide PJ COOKIE PARTY.  It was held at 5 different locations and set up on a time schedule where there was the state-wide simultaneous revealing of the new boxes and a message from our CEO.

My girls, newly trained Program Aides, were able to help with this event.  Ten PA (there were a few others besides mine) and almost 200 girls -- those PA's worked their BUMS OFF!!!  AND.... they didn't sleep!!  I had 5 girls and another leader - one girl slept for about 2 hours, and my co slept for about 3.  Me and the other 4 girls... nothing... stayed awake the entire night... I think a few of the smaller girls did also... was great fun and they definitely earned their hours that night!!

Samantha was the one that got the 2 hours of sleep. I knew she would come home and CRASH!...nope... she didn't.  Finally at 8pm Sunday night, I made her turn off lights and go to sleep.  ME on the other hand... totally exhausted!  I came in after church and slept on and off the rest of the day and throughout the night...

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