Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mission 5000 - with another purpose!

As you know, we have been frequenting the local church that hosts Mission 5000 - a program that feeds the hungry families in the area.  We have been averaging about once a month.  This lunch takes place on a Saturday mornings from 11:00-1:00.  There can be anywhere from 250-275 fed (at least this has been the norm for us).  It is really touching to be in the kitchen working with people to help pull this off.  I know that all of my Girl Scouts love going and helping out, Samantha especially!  She is willing to go and help out every week if we do not have other plans.

This morning, we went and helped, but this week, we really had a dual purpose.  Back in November, when she went for PA Training, part of completing this pin was some service hours within the month!  Even though I feel like we help out a lot, it was almost tricky to sneak some hours in during this time.  She was able to get three of these four hours complete and we have it in our plans to go back next week.

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