Saturday, December 1, 2012

Less Planning ~ More Doing

So, I am happily part of the SchoolHouse Review Crew for the year 2013!  I have already made a few new *virtual* friends from the forum (new to the Crew and new to me!).  One of these ladies posted a blog post that screamed exactly how I felt!  You can read about it here! Like she promised, she started us a Facebook group and several other ladies have joined in and we are working together to keep each other accountable for getting life (in general) organized!

I am more of a planner, less of a doer... I can come up with some great ideas, fun lesson plans, wonderful menus and some to do lists that should keep me busy for hours... I lack the follow-through though...  It is my hopes, that as a part of The Society of DO-ers, I can improve on my follow-through and become more organized! It appears, that there is going to be a pretty good support system within the group.. if you are interested in joining up with us, leave me a comment with a way to contact you and we will get you in there!

Oh, in addition to the group, while I was working on cleaning in the office, I found a book called *Organize Now: A week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life!*.  It is broken down into weeks, and I know I should just start on it now, but I am waiting until the first to get started on it.  I am hoping to post my journey through this book here also...

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