Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mission 5000

Samantha and I were blessed enough to be able to go spend the morning at Mission 5000 again.  We helped in food prep by mass-producing garlic bread to go along with the huge pots of spaghetti the others were making!  We went through 20 packages of 16buns hot-dog buns and they were all gone at the end of the meal!!  

There was enough room for us to be able to help in the serving line as well.  It's kinda sad, that so many people are hungry.  I don't know of many places that help out either.  Another thing that really bothers me about being there... how ungrateful some people are.  I don't want to be ugly, but there were about 15 of us that gave up our Saturday morning (some of them even more time than that - to shop and prep work on Friday night) to spend time preparing and serving food to people who are not able to offer anything in return... if I am ever in that position, I pray that I am grateful and say thank you to those who stepped up to help me.  And while I don't think I would ever do this, I pray I am grateful enough that I would NEVER complain about what was being offered... spaghetti to saucy? Well, at least there was spaghetti!  Bread not cooked enough? Well, at least there was bread! Not enough dessert choices... REALLY?  I would like to think that I would say thank you and walk away, and not care that there was too much sauce, because at least I was getting food in my belly!  

Ok, done ranting! 

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