Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's that time again ~

Our first Leader's Meeting for Girl Scouts was August 15th.  Our Planning Meeting for Boy Scouts was August 21st.  Our fall calendars are starting to fill up!!

With Riley, he has been a Boy Scout for a couple of years now, so he has been going and doing all the 'big boy' stuff for a while and he loves it!  Taking off for a hiking camping trip ~ he is all over that!!  The boy scouts are always going ~ a camping trip a month, or at the minimum, a lock-in!  They have a few fund raiser car washes planned and have the Board of Reviews and Court of Honors on the calendar already... no reason to not be prepared!

Samantha ~ her's is a different story.  Her troop is now considered 'older girls'.  Well, they were last year, but there wasn't a lot of older girl activities.  The Older Girl Coordinator has stepped up this year and has some neat things on the calendar for them!  Samantha is excited about a few of them, and I know at least one other of my girls are excited as well.

Looking forward to an exciting year full of learning with the scouts!!

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