Friday, June 1, 2012

First day of 7th grade...

We (almost) finished up 6th grade the middle of May. They had just a few pages of math left that I wish we would have been able to finish.   They went on vacation with with Gramma and Granpa the last of May.  When they got home, we had a few days to rest and after much research, prayer and thinking... June 1st was our first day of 7th grade...

I have started using Scholaric for tracking (not quite to the planning part yet, but it's a great way to track until I figure it out more).  We have so much planned for the summer, I though I would track what all we are doing and see how much we actually do without actually sitting down at the table! So far, I am pretty impressed with what all we have done.  Like I said, still playing around with the planning part and the goals section of Scholaric, but I really like it so far.

We will start back up in the fall, doing regular school work (math ) and I will track what formal they do as well, but for now, they are having fun and I am calling it school!

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