Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WWII Remembrance Day

While starting to plan for 7th grade, I went to Brownielocks website and started penciling in the different holidays onto our calendar.  May 8th/9th are World War II Remembrance Day.  We decided to go visit Jacksonville Military Museum and do some caching while we were out.  We listed about 7 caches to search and only found ONE!  Very unsuccessful day for caching!  However, the military museum is always neat!  It seems like every time we go, we have learned something more and the kiddos get excited about it.  Since last time we visited, we have been to Pea Ridge Battlefield, and there is a pretty big panel and map and all talking about Pea Ridge.

We were the only ones in the place and the kiddos just roamed and had a good time with things.  The museum lady was very helpful with questions the kiddos had. We even challenged her by asking why it was Titan II, what happened to Titan I?  Turns out, like everything else, the II was just an upgrade and a little bit better and more functional than the I.

Lunch out was a nice treat after a fail of caching and a good way to wrap up a rainy morning...

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