Sunday, April 22, 2012

atoz challenge ~ Letter U

Union Pacific Engine 844

Pictures look familiar? They should!  Union Pacific Engine 844 was in town last year while we were gone camping.  However, since we had to come back into town for Riley to participate in Field of Dreams and the train station is just *right there*, we stopped and checked it out!  It was pretty neat, and I was sure this was a once in a lifetime chance... that was squished this past week when they came back to celebrate Union Pacific's 150th birthday.  Sadly, we missed it while it was in town this past time.  Since Samantha hasn't seen it, if it turns out to be a three times in a lifetime chance, we will try and go check it out...

The engine was pretty cool... and it was HUGE!

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  1. Huge! Where have I heard of this from is the question burning in my brain. I thought it was just an older engine until I saw the pic of you standing next to it.


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