Friday, March 30, 2012

F is for...

Fire Department!

(you didn't think it would be something else, did you?)

The Fire Department is our LIFE!  It always has been, seeing as how that is where Roger and I met!  He is a paid Firefighter for Little Rock, his part time job is at an airfield fire department and we are all VERY involved in the local volunteer Fire Department... it is our LIFE!

Due to my health, I cannot do a lot of physical with the fire department, but those guys down there know I am their biggest cheerleader and will take on the *momma* roll in a heartbeat if they need it!  The kiddos and I (when available) are on scene handing out water, making sure they are drinking and staying hydrated, running to the station if anything is needed, parked in the van blocking traffic, going and getting a meal if they are out during that time.  I am also part of the Ladies Auxiliary. We have a huge part in all of the fundraisers and any other exposure the fire department gets.  I help maintain the website (I will share, but it may not be updated!).

Just recently, Samantha and two of her Girl Scout friends went before the board with an idea for their Silver Award.  The board agreed to work with them and their Silver is in the works... a project that will help out the Fire Department.  More on that when we actually get started on it!

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