Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boy Scouts ~Scout Sunday & Spaghetti Lunch

This was the weekend for Scout Sunday.  The boys chose to also hold a fundraiser this weekend as well after the services.
We started off working most all day on Saturday.  Prep work for the food and setting the tables/chairs and decorating for the lunch.  We made many pans of meatballs, sauce, desserts.  The boys worked hard to put this lunch on for the community.  

Sunday morning, the boys played a huge part in the service. They were introduced and bragged on for a bit and then read some verses that went along with the parts of the scout oath and codes.


After the service, while the adults were working behind the scenes in the kitchen, the boys were taking orders and serving up the spaghetti as fast as they all could move!  People were coming and going like crazy. They were exhausted by the end of the day, but had worked hard and raised a pretty decent amount of money.  I think they all agreed that this should be a yearly thing!

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