Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goal Planning Monday ~ 2012 ~ week 3

Here's what last week looked like ~

LAUNDRY AREA: Top wire shelf cleaned off, decluttered, purged and organized. That still didn't happen.. maybe this week?

FAMILY ROOM: go through the DVD's and get rid of VHS tapes - nope, not this either...

KITCHEN: Clean out spice shelves above microwave DONE!  And it looks SO nice!!

DINING ROOM: Clean out underneath hutch

SCHOOL ROOM: finish school table DONE (but, how long will it last?)

MAIN BATHROOM: Under sink cleaned out and find a drawer that fits (cleaned out, but still can't find a drawer)

MY BATHROOM: Top shelf in top cabinet ~ didn't happen, 

MY BEDROOM: pajama drawer & get top of dresser cleaned off ~ didn't happen

KIDDOS ROOMS: Go through their coats/jackets/hoodies and get rid of ones that do not fit DONE

ERRANDS: Books back to library DONE

PERSONAL: Work on typing recipes to put in my new binder - goal this week 5 typed, printed and in the binder! DONE, but still need to type more, so leaving this

Here is what I have on the list for this week:

LAUNDRY ROOM: Top wire shelf cleaned off

FAMILY ROOM: go thru DVD's and get rid of VHS tapes

KITCHEN: Underneath microwave cabinet

DINING ROOM: Clean out underneath hutch

SCHOOL ROOM: Clean off computer desk

MAIN BATHROOM:  bottom shelf of top cabinet

MY BATHROOM: bottom shelf of top cabinet

MY BEDROOM: All laundry put away

KIDDOS ROOMS: Bottom bunks out

ERRANDS: pick up deposit slips for Girl Scouts

PERSONAL: recipes & finish January Lesson Plans & menus/grocery lists

Join us at Mamamanuscript and share what you have going on this week!

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