Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas at the Capitol

Monday night, we I had a ladies outing with the ladies from church. We went to a place called Loca Luna.  I met my best-friend-co-leader and we rode together.  Dinner was nice, and as we were wrapping up, it was suggested we go to the State Capitol to the manger scene and do our closing prayer and gift exchange.  Driving up on the Capitol grounds Mel (best-friend-co-leader) mentioned this was as close to the Capitol she had ever been.  My suggestion was next time she was off work with the kiddos that we all take off over there and do a self-guided tour.  We got back up to the front of the Capitol just as they were locking the doors and she commented on the pretty tree in the rotunda... We decided we would leave straight after church Wednesday night and head over and see things all decorated...

Outside when we pulled up

All of the kiddos that we took to see Christmas at the Capitol

Samantha and one of her very dear sweetest best friends...

Me and my best-friend-co-leader

Sam and I, as seen through the eyes of a large red ornament

Riley and I

Chunky being an Oompa Loompa?

pretty tree...

JOY to the World..

All the kiddos on the third floor - I'm still on the second 
All the kiddos on the 4th floor - taken from the second 
Close up of 4th floor

A pretty I found waiting on them to come back down

From the lobby looking up

PEACE from the front steps

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