Tuesday, September 20, 2011

REVIEW: Wonder Maps

When I first got the opportunity to review Wonder Maps, I thought -sure, we like maps, we will use the print outs - WOW!  Was I WRONG!!  Wonder Maps is SO MUCH MORE than just a few pages of map print outs...We recently started studying the Civil War, so I thought I would search through the Wonder Maps download and see what there was... LOVE IT!  I found a couple of maps that were for this time period - one that shows the division of the states, that has a few removable features. I printed this one out, we will be marking the states on the big wall map this next week... what a nice guideline!! There was also one of the battlefields (marked by win/lose/draw colors) and on that map, I was able to add the key - which listed the 26 battles, where they were fought, dates & win/lose/draw list.

There are maps for any time period you want to search, any war, battle, famous whatever that needs a map - it's in here!  I know I will use it as we do our American History this year- we are including state study and presidents as well in it - so there are many maps that we can use!

Another thing - teachers guides!!  YIKES!! Ok, when I was first in there, I noticed the teacher's guides. I went back just now to double check to see what all was offered (there are 7 different guides by the way) I noticed year another folder - themes.  They have mapped out the maps that go along with the Mystery of History & All American History!!! There were a few others, but I am on overload right now, so I will be back to tell you more later!

For history next year, we will either go back to the four year cycle of Story of the World again or use The Mystery of History cycle.  This time around, we will have the added extra bonus of all of the maps of WonderMaps!!  I am so excited about history!

WonderMaps can be found at Bright Ideas Press with a list price of $49.95.  Pricy? Yes, I thought so at first also, but after opening up this file - WOW! is really all I can say.  The amount of resources that are offered and the interactive features PLUS the teaching materials... Yeah, I would pay the $49.95 for it.

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**DISCLAIMER: I was offered this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.***

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