Saturday, September 3, 2011

Girl Scout Heritage Day

Girl Scout Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas hosted a Girl Scout recruiting event. Well, it wasn't a full on recruitment... it was more of a *hey come check out Girl Scouts* party.  They held it at the Old State House in downtown Little Rock. I had three of my girls sign up to*help* so we made plans to park in North Little Rock and ride the Trolley over.  Parking in NLR is right there & parking in LR, well, who knows how far we would have had to walk.

Samantha, Jazzy & TabiSue

being silly!

Pretty girl!

ringing the bell

Being silly again!

We did good by choosing the Trolley... learned some AR history while on the 20 minute tour!  Once we got to the Old State House they had all the girls do the Promise and Law, then sang a couple of fun songs - The Princess Pat (your welcome, you may sing that the rest of the day!)..

I couldn't get my shy girls to go to the front and sing along...

After singing, there was a special (mock) guest...

Juliette Gordon Low!
She explained to the girls how Girl Scouts came to be.  She was friends with Lord Baden Powell (Boy Scout founder) & her nickname was Daisy... and that's where it all began!

Next came the friendship circle- 235 people were in attendance, most of them children - so it was a pretty good size friendship circle:

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold...

The Old State House does free tours, but since there were so many, they randomly placed tour guides though out the museum and allowed the girls to roam freely.  I didn't go with them on the tour (sent them with another GS troop that we have become friends with) because the elevator was out && they said no large bags.... but I have to have my O2 bag with me when I am walking!  The girls roamed, Samantha says she has pictures, but she left as soon as we got done (with her camera) and went to deer camp - they will be back sometime Monday... I will add a new post (or have her guest post for me) if she has any really cool pics!

While the girls were in the museum, the photographer from the paper showed up.  While it would have been really neat for him to have taken a pic of the big friendship circle, they just couldn't get it back together.. so he took a picture of a smaller one. My girls were in it, maybe they will be in the paper on Sunday?

 The final fun thing for this event, beside the REALLY COOL patch they got,


After the ice cream, we jumped back on the trolley to head back home... what a great Girl Scout morning!

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