Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crack that bat!

Today was a good day where baseball is concerned!  

Riley got two hits in!  Both times up to bat, he made contact!  First ball, pop fly straight to the pitcher.... second, ground ball towards third base, but due to the work of the other team, it beat him to first. That's OK though! One thing at a time... we are making contact - I would rather him get out on first than be struck out and never get to base.

He was also placed infield during a couple of innings and did pretty good there.  He was on second base.  The only time I really got stressed was when he and 3rd base had a runner in a pickle!  There was a little back and forth, then he ended up missing the ball and the runner got third.  A little stressful for momma!!

All in all, he did great today!

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