Friday, August 5, 2011

Vacation Bible School ~ Back Stage with the Bible

Vacation Bible School this year was Go Fish Guys- Backstage with the Bible. I worked registration table again and was saddened by what I saw.  Not only were these kiddos being dropped of (or having to walk)& moms didn't even bring them in and sign them up, most of them (even the older ones) couldn't even fill out a simple name/address/phone number form.  I know VBS is for younger kiddos, but we didn't turn anyone way - and some of these kids were 12-13-14 years old!!

Anyways, this was my kiddos last year to participate - next year, they get to help out!!  We had fun with it this year and my kiddos learned a lot!  Plus, we got backstage passes for when (if) they ever come to town!

Four nights of learning, followed by a program, on the first week of school, makes for a long week!  But we loved it!

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