Friday, August 12, 2011


Arkansas Department Environmental Quality came out to a local church and put on a presentation for our homeschool group.

They have several programs to share, but this specific one was WaterCycle and the life of a water molecule.  There was a little *in class* type discussion about the water cycle and then some directions about what we were going outside to do... I apologize, I didn't get any photos, I was *LAKE*!

There were 9 stations -glacier, lake, groundwater, cloud, ocean, animal, soil, human & stream - an adult at each one.  Kiddos were told to start at whichever station they wanted to start at and get a sticker (sticker was a photo of what the station was).  Then, they rolled a cube and it either told them to stay or sent them to another station.  If they stayed, they went to the back of the line and waited to roll again.  If they went to another station, they rolled  a cube there and did the same!  So, they were allowed 20 rolls and then we went back inside.

The instructor explained that they were each a water droplet and these 21 stickers were their life cycle.  VERY visual for those who are visual!!  I even learned something!

They brought their sticker pages home and I am going to have Samantha and Riley write up their story and will post it when they finish it.

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