Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That time of year ~

This year, I am hoping to be a little more relaxed with our schedule and instead of feeling like we HAVE to get something done, I want to feel like we are learning as we are going… sometimes I feel like we are just going through the book to get the book finished… but, if we are not learning anything, what’s the point?  (they are learning, I just don’t know if they are ENJOYING learning - that’s where I want to be!!).
They really seem to get into the workbooks - Riley especially. He likes to know he has to do page XX and he is done!  They do like the hands on stuff, but they like knowing what *exactly* they have to do…  I will be shaking things up for them a little this year- but not too much!
Here is what we are *LOOKING* at doing for this next year- 6th grade - nothing is committed yet (although I feel pretty sure about most of it).
BIBLE: Grapevine Studies -New Testament Overview & Life of Joseph (we briefly hit on the NT studies last year, I want to do a bit more indepth with it).
LANGUAGE ARTS- Spectrum Workbooks (Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar and Reading); Mad Libs; Gram Slam Game
MATH: Math U See (Zeta); {looking into either Life of Fred Fractions or Key to…- anyone have any opinion on either of these - strictly as supplement}
SCIENCE: Apologia - Human Anatomy; plus, I found out today that Aerospace Adventures would be offered as a small group in 4H. (plus the kiddos *really* want to join the rabbit group)
HISTORY: All American History, Level II; and I am wanting something simple for World Geography (maybe like Galloping the Globe- but is that too young for them) just a little something extra- gonna look at Mardel next week and see what they have
TYPING: Mavis Beacon teaches typing, and their (and my) blogs.
EXTRA ACTIVITIES:tCo-op, Scouts, 4H, Swim Team/Baseball, church, piano/guitar
And, we can’t forget that I am going to work in what ever we get blessed with from the Crew for review!  This looks like a lot, but it really isn’t and we won’t do ALL of it everyday.
I am working on a schedule of sorts, so that will come soon!!
Head over to Training Children Up For Christ and link up your school year plans and check out what others are doing!!


  1. I am in the same place... trying to be more relaxed and getting them to catch the LOVE of learning. All the best on your journey!

  2. Stopping into visit you from Training Children up for Christ. Looks like you have a great year planned :)

  3. Looks like a great plan!
    (visiting from the link up at Training Children up for Christ)
    Have a great year!

  4. We are doing Apologia's Human Anatomy this year too!

    Thanks for linking up with me. This has been fun!

  5. We did the Trail Guide to US Geography last year, and they have World geography materials too. It takes as little as 5-10 minutes a day with the student working mostly independently.

  6. We are relaxing and slowing down a bit this year too. Last year was very challenging. I'm not planning for another one of those years until 5th grade (in 3rd now).


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