Saturday, July 23, 2011

Team building with my Girl Scouts!

Saturday started off with all my girls (minus my one favorite loud mouth!) here at my house for some team building activities.  We did some hula hoop games:

This was trying to move the hoop around the circle without using our hands.


Followed by *helium hoop


Then there was this human pretzel that we had to get out of…


Learning how to flip a tarp while you are standing on it…


Then we did some trust exercises with a rope…


We had lunch, one of the girls sang the Johnny Appleseed blessing and sure enough… it started POURING! Hanging out, trying to stay chill before the afternoon workout, we played some below the surface games..


And what’s a girl scout gathering without some songs?


( we all know frogs go

ladedadeda ~ ladeddadeda)

Loaded up and headed out- in the rain- and headed to Little Rock Climbing Center for the afternoon!  I was so proud of the girls- everyone of them (even my *I can’t* scout) jumped right in.  They all climbed to the top of the walls… even those who were struggling in the beginning..



They were all exhausted after the day, but we had a lot of fun, and got a lot of business taken care of while we were together.  I’m sure it was a day the girls will never forget.

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