Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stupid phone~

The kiddos and I took off today, headed out of town to visit a small swimming hole type lake.  Things were fine, I grabbed my phone (cause it has a great camera on it) and we packed a lunch and headed out.  All was going great, talked on the phone, got a couple of text messages & then we get out of the car and I check to see what time it is and NOTHING… dead… it was 100% charged when we got there… remember, I wanted the camera part of it.  I tried EVERYTHING!!  Nothing worked… I gave up on it… sad that I couldn’t take any pictures, but more concerned because I was supposed to meet Gramma some where and we hadn’t established a meeting place and I had NO IDEA what time it was!! The kiddos had a blast playing, jumping, sliding, swimming, diving and I laid in the shade and read.  I guess my instincts kicked in because I called them out and we loaded up and the timing was just about right… I could have let them play for a few more, but we were fine…

So, I get proper kiddos to Gramma and head to the AT&T store - walk in, hand them my phone, started explaining what the deal was and *~*POOF*~* it came on for her like I was an idiot!!

Ended up meeting Gramma again for a catfish dinner and then home to crash! We were tired from them being in the water all day!

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