Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Think the rain will ever let up??

It's Tuesday afternoon and the sun has been shining all day! What a blessing!  I spent Saturday at my sister's house working on some Girl Scout Awards and sorting/cleaning our scrap area - it is a MESS and we are so behind!

I left her house and got home just in time - the rain started falling... and it didn't let up!  I was woken at about 1:30am Sunday morning, the Fire Department was called out for a water rescue... that was just the beginning.  The rain fell so hard and so fast that roads went under almost immediately. The guys ran all night long, and I stayed awake, listening... During this time of listening, I was also chatting with my cousin who was in Tulsa - worried about her house. And while she shouldn't have, because there was nothing that any one could do, she had all reason for it.  She left Tulsa at 3:30am and drove home - to her house submerged under 3feet of water . Everything in her house was a complete loss...

The area I live in was pretty much an island on Sunday - they canceled the schools here in my area for Monday and Tuesday - we are still waiting to hear about Wednesday. (Not that we care too much, but Samantha does have speech - so we do need to know).  Our school wasn't canceled!! We pressed on.  Looks like we will be finishing up by May 13th...

While things are starting to dry out, it will still be a while before my normal route out of here is clear. Having to go around town to get to the other side is a bit frustrating!

Ballfields are under water, so no game again tonight - 5th one that has been rained out - we have made up one.  There are not any planned games on Mother's Day Weekend, but I am wondering if they will plan some make-ups that weekend...

We are headed to scouts tonight - which is the one good thing about the game being rained out!

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