Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Saturday

Games were canceled for the day, so Roger got up early and went fishing.  Kiddos and I got up at normal time and got ready to go to the church egg hunt and cake walk...

After the kiddos found all the eggs, we went in for the cake walk. Didn't get any pics of it, but we brought home quite a bit of goodies!

Home for a quick lunch of grilled cheese and making some Resurrection rolls with the kiddos, which turned out really neat and were very yummy! We headed to the other local church for their Easter Egg games and Egg Hunt...
Samantha only found 4 eggs, but one of them was the golden egg!  

For being the one who found the least amount of eggs, she also got a 1lb. solid chocolate bunny!

Kiddos went to Gramma's and I ended up taking a nap!  Roger and I went over for Easter Dinner and to dye eggs with them..

Kiddos are in bed and I am heading that way as well...

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