Friday, April 22, 2011

Destination Disney: Character Autographs & what to do with them

This week, we’re going to continue with the character theme.
I want you to share
what you do with
Sure, I know the parks sell character autograph books.  And, of course, there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG with these books – so if this is what you do with your autographs, please do share (and post pictures!)  BUT, I know some of you are creative and have come up with various other methods of keeping and/or displaying those autographs – and we want to hear about them! 
So, go post about your character autographs on your blog, then go visit Heidi at Reviews and Reflections and link up with her there!

The first time the kiddos went in 2006, they just got one of the simple park books and had them sign in random places in there. and that small album is put with their big scrapbook of that year.  

When we went in June of 2008, my sister took white pillowcases and drew a Mickey head outline on it (added a bow for Samantha's) and put each of the kiddos names and year on the end of the case (it doesn't look like I have a pic of these...not sure why).  Anyways, they all carried folded up pillowcases around that whole week and the characters signed those.  Samantha and Riley use their's, Emily's is folded and put with in a page in her scrapbook.  For our family book, I took blank index cards and had them sign those - easy to keep up with and perfect for when it came time to scrap!! 

Returning in October of 2008, we bought a small park book again and I was very careful about what pages we had them sign on - leaving places in between and making sure they stayed in order - when we got home, I used those for the kiddos scrapbook of that trip - printed off pictures of them getting the autographs and with the characters.  

The pillow cases was my absolute favorite thing, but if we go back, we will do a park book (or something similar) so I can scrap it the way I did their October 09 books.


  1. The pillowcases are a neat idea! Thanks for sharing. I wish you had pictures!

  2. Heidi -I will take a picture of Samantha's - it's dirty because she uses it- but it will let you see what it looks like - I LOVE it - and am kinda sad that I didn't take me one!!

  3. That is such a cool idea (the pillowcases that is)! We did that for my daughter's 8th birthday sleepover and all the girls used fabric paint and wrote their names and doodled on each other's pillowcases.

    After her first autograph album we got smart and made sure to have the characters sign in the right places for adding pictures later. That first album was a bit of a challenge to make it all work, but it still came out good.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. The pillowcase idea is great! I especially like it since they won't outgrow it like they would a t-shirt!


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