Friday, April 8, 2011

Destination Disney: About Me

Heidi at Reviews and Reflections has a busy weekend, so she steered away from the normal and has a fun fill in the blank for us this week!

First Theme Park Memory: I think everyone remembers seeing the castle for the very first time!
First memorable Disney trip: My first Disney trip was when I was 23 years old, I went with a friend & we spent a week down there, park-hopping!
First Disney Resort Memory: When we went in October 2008, we stayed in Shades of Green, Disney's resort for military.  Sad thing is, we were never there long enough for much - so I really don't know what all it had to offer!
Last Disney Trip: October 2008
Next Disney Trip: unsure, but I am hearing talks about wanting to go back from the grandparents...

Into the Parks (Favorites) MAGIC KINGDOM Tomorrowland: Space MountianFantasyland: Mad Tea Party
Liberty Square: Haunted Mansion
Frontierland: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Adventureland: Pirates of the Caribbean
Future World Attraction: Mission Space & Test trackFuture World Restaurant: Electric Umbrella
World Showcase: Mexico
Favorite Snack: Baklava
Favorite Drink: one of the cokes from around the world in Innovetions
Favorite Meal: have only eaten in Mexico - it was yummy!

Favorite Animal Kingdom Attraction: Mt. Everest
Favorite Hollywood Studios Attraction:Tower of Terror & Rock N Roller Coaster
Favorite Non-Park Restaurant: Rainforest Cafe
Top 5 Disney animated movies (non-Pixar): 1. Pete's Dragon 2. Fox and Hound 3. Great Mouse Detective 4. 101 Dalmations 5. Aladdin

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