Monday, February 21, 2011

Where did Monday go??

Roger was off today, we got up and made the cinnamon roll... it turned out time I will just use my recipe and roll it large like that & try that..(please ignore where it started to *over-cook* and of course, please ignore my old pan - it was my grandma & grandpa's).

After breakfast, Rog went out to do some stuff on the house, the kiddos and I got started on school work.  Here is what happened from 10-12noon.  I spoke with the lady about my pre-screen for the drug study about 6 times, another leader stopped by to trade out some cookies, two different moms in my troop stopped by to pick up more cookies, the o2 man came to switch bottles, Rog's dad came over AND we got most of our school work done!  I had to leave at 1pm to go to the doc to start my pre-screen and didn't get done there until after 5pm.

I met Roger and the kiddos at the fire station and delivered cookies down there.  We had some kiddo issue, so we came home and they went to bed - Rog and his buddies went to get ice cream... kiddos were sad, but that is what happens.

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