Thursday, February 24, 2011

Normal Wednesday and Stormy Thursday

Wednesday was full of most of our normal runnings... except we had to go to LR for a follow-up on my pre-screen - it was to check the TB test.  All is well so far! Now we wait for the 10 or so days for the rest of the test to come back to see if I qualify - 5 of those days have passed, so hopefully I will hear from them at the latest - a week from this next Monday.  Follow with piano, voice, guitar and church...

Thursday, we did some catching up from our crazy week!  We spent ALL day doing school work - down to finishing history in the hall with our pillows because the tornado sirens were going off - when I should have been cooking dinner... we canceled girl scouts due to the weather and several girls being out - dinner happened later, after history was done and the storms were over!

Riley and Roger spent the evening preparing for his hike/camp-out.  Samantha and I spent the evening delivering GS cookies!

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