Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We had a super busy Sunday!

Riley and I went to church, pastor had a great service about the Crown of Thorns.  There was also a great message in the bulletin that I will share in a few, about embracing Halloween as an opportunity to witness to others.  I mean, they are knocking on your door!

Anyways, after church we meet Samantha, Caroline and Marie for lunch.  Kiddos played for a while and we visited.  We had a busy night ahead of us, so the kiddos and I headed home and tried to take a quick nap.

Roger had gone with his dad to do some work on his boat slip.  When he got home we were close to being ready to go, so we loaded up and headed to Pepaws- he wanted to see the kiddos in their *get-up*.

A friend had invited us to the party at their house, about 30 minutes away, we stayed there for a bit, then headed back to familiar turf for some TorT'in!

We got home about 9pm - sorted the candy (because the chocolate can't stay with the Laffy Taffy - it will be strawberry flavored & that's yuchy!). I weighed the candy - 14lbs total!  That's a lot of candy - now off to find something to do with it all besides eat it!

And, yes I took my camera - it stayed safely in my bag all night long!!

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