Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Preparing for Veteran's Day

The day started out fairly normal. I started some venison jerky in the dehydrator (turned out pretty good).  Rog got off work early, so in anticipation of Modern Gun Season this coming weekend, he headed out to site in his gun.  Kiddos ended up going with him so I had some quiet time.

We have heard about this in the past, but it never worked out where we could help out.  This year, we were able to...
The Veteran's Cemetery needs help putting out flags at certain holidays.  I invited my Girl Scout troop, but due to timing, only Samantha and Caroline were able to make it.

The kiddos enjoyed being able to help out.  It was actually harder to do than it sounds - the ground was pretty tough and hard to place the flags.  We are hoping to be able to go out on Friday and help pick them back up.

Dinner was rotisserie chicken, mac&cheese and green beans and then we were off to Scouts - to pick up popcorn!  Now that we have it all home, time to sort it out!

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