Sunday, November 14, 2010

Opening weekend

Roger got up and moving early this morning and headed down to the deer woods.  I sent the kiddos on with him and finished up somethings around the house.  I waited for Chunky to get out of school and went down with mil & him.  We sat out by the fire until the guys went down for the camp meeting, then I started reading Sign of the Beaver to the kiddos... I thought it was pretty good, but it put them all to sleep...

Rog, fil & mil got up early and headed out to the stands... it had rained all night and it was windy! the whole morning. The kiddos got up and went out front to play and I stayed warm and snuggly on the couch reading.  One of the kids in the camp brought back a buck and the kiddos went down to watch them clean it, someone else brought in a small hog and that was all that showed up this weekend.  After lunch, I got dressed and went out to the stand with Roger. My first time ever in the deer stand...with hunting in mind!  Sadly, all we saw was a small bunny... Once back at the camper, we turned the Razorback game on & I went to bed!  Rog and the kiddos sat out by the fire, but I was pretty tired.

They all got up and went out again this morning.. in the cold.. again!  I stayed in my warm bed, telling the kiddos to shush so I can sleep... they played inside this morning because it was so cold out. Once they all came in, we had lunch then Gramma & the kiddos & I loaded up to come home.  I was glad to get home and take a shower and a nap!  Kiddos did the same.  Dinner was at mom and dad's and we played cards.  Rog checked in with me, saw nothing again.  All is quiet and it is getting late and I still have a book I want to read on!

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