Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27 - Pets

Pets... Well, growing up, we had a dog, Rusty. He was an outside pet, but we were kids and we were out there with him a lot!  I do remember one winter we had with him where there was TONS of snow...

Then, sometime after Rusty died, Chelle and I were given kittens for Easter.. both were black.  Nosey & Sparkie...LOL... we had those cats forever!  They were truly our sidekicks!  Nosey was hit by a car when I still lived at home, Sparkie died the same way a few years later when my sister had moved out.

When we bought our house, I wanted a cat - Roger said NO.  So I got him a puppy... Rascal.  He was my shadow for 14 years.  It was very hard to lose him.

When Rascal was about a year, we got Booger, the cat that Roger said NO to earlier!!  He was an indoor cat until we moved and then he became indoor/outdoor.  He ran out one night when we were leaving and we never saw him again...

Dink came along about a year after we got Booger, (Yes, we had two dogs and a cat all at the same time).  Dink was a black lab that was huge!  Dink passed not too long after Booger disappeared and right before Hershey came along. Rascal and Hershey were roomies for a while before Rascal passed.

That brings me to current pets - Hershey -

She is my current shadow, but not as bad as Rascal.  She has the kiddos that she can follow as well!  

We also have a red beta - Reggie and a blue beta - Bubbles

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